Sinners will be tolerated here !!


Sinful colors added to a simple spongy dark chocolate cake 😉

Chocolate butter cream filling and chocolate ganache frosting !!

I am a new baker, moody and i did not follow any particular recipe, just my sense of taste buds 😉 hence , i concentrated on the filling and frosting.



Picture 495


It took hubby and kiddo approximately 2 hours to demolish this sin 😛 what better compliment than that 😀

Picture 506

here goes what I followed………

Dark Chocolate cake
2/3 cup – APF /maida
1/3 cup – cocoa powder (non drinking variety)
¾ cup – powdered sugar
½ cup – oil (any refined variety)
1 ¾ tsp – baking powder
¼ tsp – baking soda
4 – eggs
1 tsp – vanilla essence
Beat eggs and the powdered sugar together. Gradually add the oil.
In a bowl sieve the flour, baking powder, baking soda and cocoa powder together.
Gradually add the egg mixture to the flour mix and gently fold in.
Transfer the batter to a 9” greased tin and bake for 25 -30 minutes at 1800 C.
Test the cake with a tooth pick. Remove the cake after 5 -6 minutes from the tin and allow it cool for an hour and half before assembling.

For the filling :
80 grams – dark cadbury Bournville chocolate bar
100 grams – unsalted butter
5 tsp – cream
4 tsp – milk (optional)
1 1/4 cup – icing sugar ( though i used regular sugar, powdered)
1 tbsp – chocolate liqueur (optional)
Blend and beat it well till peaks form.
For ganache :
1 cup – heavy fresh dairy cream
80 grams – dark cadbury bournville
If you want it more chocolaty, increase the chocolate amount.
To assemble :
Slice the cake horizontally and apply the butter cream filling generously. Refrigerate for 30 mins for the filling to firm. Then assemble the other half on it and gently press it and again refrigerate for 10 -15 minutes.
Apply the ganache frosting liberally. Smoothen with a warm spatula and back to refrigeration for another 30 minutes.

Decorate and serve.

cheers !!! 🙂


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hi there.....friends call me Andy :) I am a school teacher by profession. Passionate about reading, some random experimental cooking, some hit 'n' miss photography......and i am a dreamer ;) Thank you for popping by :)
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