Masala prawns – the Koli style

Maa called up yesterday to say ‘ cook fish tomorrow and eat’.

Why tomorrow ?? something special?? ……’ No, it’s ambubachi.’

Now what is that ?? Google devta gave me an answer 😉

I still was not clear about this ‘ambubachi’ factor, so called up one of my elderly encyclopedia relative  and he gave me a satisfactory answer. ‘Ambubachi, besides it’s religious connotation, is the beginning of the monsoon and importantly, it is the spawning season for fish. In many parts of India, fishing is banned during the spawning season. Fisherman do not venture out in the choppy sea water during the season and fish like Hilsa and many other freshwater, estuarine fish spawn and during fishing the young spawning females will also be caught , affecting the following season catch and also the ecology. ‘

Oh O !! but i do see fish plentiful in the markets??

‘ India has now a better cold storage chain’ 🙂

Ummmmm…….so, I summarize that ambubachi  is to curb on the fish consumption 😉 Nice !!! In the name of religious ritual, atleast the ecology benefits 🙂

I hardly need an excuse to eat fish 😉 …..and i also need no reason to stop eating 🙂

I had some jumbo prawns lying in the freezer, set it out to defrost early in the morning. Should i try something new today ?? So began the hunt for something different, preferably hot and spicy 😀

Came across a superb recipe of masala prawns, a speciality of the Kolis, a fishing community from the West coast of India.

I have been following Myjhola blog by a fellow Chef at Large member Saee.

Took help from her lovely blog

Thank you Saee 🙂

masala prawns

Here’s what i did…….


1 cup – jumbo prawns (peeled and deveined with tail on)

1 tbsp- Koli masala

Juice of 1 lemon

pinch of powdered sugar

pinch of tumeric

2 tbsp – oil for frying

2 tbsp – rice flour

salt to taste

For the Koli masala, grind together –


1 tbsp red hot chili powder

3 fresh garlic pods

1/4 tsp coriander powder

1 clove

3 peppercorns

1 bay leaf

pinch of salt


Mix all the ingredients together. Heat oil in a wok and fry on medium flame till its crispy on the outside and succulent inside.

Serve hot with lemon wedges.

masala prawns

I served the masala prawns on a bed of sauteed achari onions.

To make sauteed achari onions – Chop onion thinly like juliennes. Heat 1 tbsp oil from any jar of pickle you like ( I used andhra style mango pickle oil). Saute the onions on high flame for a min. Ready to serve.

masala prawns

About the taste……mmmmmmm…….. cook it !! taste it !! I will run short of words, surely 🙂

Happy cooking !!

Cheers !!


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  1. Patty Nguyen says:

    Andy, these prawns look SO good!!!

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