The 48 Laws of Power

This is one wonderful book authored by Robert Greene,  i go back to read again and again.

‘Power ‘ is symbolic, heady, corruptible, discipline, responsible…..there are many avatars of Power.

The staggeringly helpless feeling when you do have the power over others, or the staggeringly elevated feeling when you overpower others. All wants to be powerful and hence all are into this game.

The book preface is the appetizer to whet your appetite to read on. As the preface says that ‘the book is a handbook on the art of indirection’ . It chronicles on the writings of several men and women who have studied and mastered the game of power.

Being a teacher by profession, I always feel that heady feeling of overpowering the young moldable minds of my students. It becomes my responsibilities to execute my duties in a fair manner. But a question is persistent are we fair and impartial in our use of power ??

The book inspires my thinking and my sense of re-evaluation.

A must read for non- fiction lovers. If you have read it already , feel free to share your views.

Happy reading !!!


About andy

hi there.....friends call me Andy :) I am a school teacher by profession. Passionate about reading, some random experimental cooking, some hit 'n' miss photography......and i am a dreamer ;) Thank you for popping by :)
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2 Responses to The 48 Laws of Power

  1. I don’t believe in power. Inspiration, IMO, is more pertinent.

    Destination Infinity

    • acbistro says:

      believe or non -believe is subjective and it does not convince the fact that one doesn’t use power, does it ??
      or does not seek power??
      On the Inspiration part, how does one feels when you see that you have inspired others ??? does it give a heady feeling ??

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