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Stuffed Bitter gourds with soy granules – Bharwan karela

Delhi and it’s people has taught me plenty. Majority are foodies 😀 and that is the part of Delhi i love ❤ Bitter gourds were never my favorite vegetable, till Delhi happened 😉 Of course, we Bongs too know how … Continue reading

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Split green gram with green papaya – Kancha pepe diye moog dal

Pulses or dal is a very important part of the Indian diet. For vegetarians, pulses are the biggest source of protein. Not only India is an agrarian economy, we also the world’s largest producer and consumer of pulses or legumes. … Continue reading

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Chicken mince fritters

A cup of chicken mince was languishing in one corner of the freezer 😉 And i was not in a mood to cook I was thinking of making kebabs ……….. Pakhi came back home from the playground sweaty and hungry. … Continue reading

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