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Sweet tomato chutney with raisins

Traditionally, the sweetness to this chutney is given by jaggery, but i have used sugar. Raisins will impart the slight tangy taste in this otherwise sweet chutney. There are innumerable ways this chutney can be made – with dates or … Continue reading

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Labra – Bengali style mix -veg

Labra is a kind of mix veg item with prescribed vegetables unlike its counterpart the famous mix -veg. 🙂 Labra is the perfect accompaniment to the khichuri bhog. Once upon a time, traditionally, bhog was served in ‘donas‘. Donas were … Continue reading


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Khichuri Bhog

There are lots of ritual related to this Kichuri Bhog. The Bhog and all there accompaniments, that to be offered to the Goddess, has to cooked by community members who are ‘Dikhwito‘. Diksha means initiation into some Hindu group. Incidently, … Continue reading

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Durga Puja Platter

The early morning silence is broken by ‘shonkho dhwoni‘ (blowing of the conch shell) and ‘daak‘( traditional drum). Maa (Durga) has arrived in full pomp and style !! ❤ It is time to unveil her face 🙂 Time for Bodhon, … Continue reading

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Musings – Complex or Complicated ??

I looked at this electricity pole today and all those wires and cables. Naah…it was not to showcase the shoddy work done by the Electricity Company 😉 My first thought while i looked at those overlapping,twined and inter -twined cables, … Continue reading

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Mango Phirni

Ahhhhh……….the king of fruits!!! Mango season is over, few last remaining mangoes are being sold in the market. So i bought a few to bid adieu to this royal fruit for this season. And what could be more appropriate than … Continue reading

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Buckwheat flour dumplings in yogurt gravy

Buckwheat or Kuttu in India, is a short season crop. A crop widely used as a cover crop and has no relation with wheat. The flowers of the buckwheat plant are highly fragrant and are used for bee -keeping for … Continue reading

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Water chestnut flour -bottle gourd thalipeeth/ flat bread

Water chestnut or Water Caltrop, commonly grows in warmer climes of South Asia and Eurasia, called Singhada or Pani phal in India. Read more about it here . The flour is obtained by sun drying the chestnuts and grinding into flour. … Continue reading

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Sentient food platter- sattvic food for navratras

Navratras or Durga Puja or Dussera, and many more names to the 10 day Hindu festival during Autumn. Celebrated throughout the world by innumerable traditions, customs and rituals. Food is important part of all the rituals. With 29 states, 7 … Continue reading

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Durga Puja

Durga Puja, a festival all Bengalis around the world wait for 🙂 From showing off new dresses (especially sarees), to feasting and gorging on traditional food to street food, pandal hopping, catching up with friends and relatives…… other words, Pure … Continue reading

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