Stuffed Teasel Gourd – Pur Bhora Kakrol

Teasel gourds are not commonly grown around the world. This vegetable is Indo – Malayan and is grown in India, Bangladesh and some neighboring countries. Rich source of carotene and protein, it is cooked in several ways and most of them are traditional from their respective regions.

teasel gourds or kakrol

teasel gourds or kakrol

Mom makes this in several unique ways, which i am yet to master. πŸ˜›

We rarely get the tender teasel gourds in Delhi, a far away region from its cultivated area and much lesser in demand. By the time they arrive in the markets here, they have lost their original tenderness. :/ But then there are die- hards fan like me, who will still bring them home πŸ˜‰

Stuffing is left to the imagination of the cook πŸ˜‰ but i have gone along with the most traditional stuffing. !!

Majority Delhites do not know about this humble vegetable, except those who have migrated from the east. My friends and colleagues, mostly Punjabis, have been introduced gradually to the ecelectic Bengali cuisine over the last two decades πŸ˜‰

Stuffed teasel gourds is another ‘niramish‘ preparation from the traditional Bengali kitchen. The procedure may seem to be long, end result is fabulous !!! ❀

Here’s what i did…………….


6 nos – teasel gourds / kakrol

Oil to fry

For the stuffing :

1/2 – fresh coconut

1 1/2 tbsp – mustard seeds

3 -4 nos – green chilies

1/2 tsp – sugar (optional)

1 tsp – mustard oil

salt to taste

To seal the gourds :

3 tbsp – chickpea flour

1 tbsp – rice flour

pinch of salt

pinch of carom seeds


Wash and cut the teasel gourds horizontally. Steam them in a cooker. Do allow to whistle. Take it off fire, allow the steam to pass out gradually.

wash and cut them horizontally

wash and cut them horizontally

Scoop out the seed pulps, gently. One can use this pulp too in the stuffing, but i did not. πŸ™‚ Keep aside the empty shells to cool.

scoop out the seed pulps

scoop out the seed pulps

Meanwhile, prepare the stuffing by grinding together the fresh coconut, mustard seeds, green chili, sugar and salt to a fine paste without using water.

stuffed teasel gourds - Pur bhora kakrol

coconut and mustard paste

coconut and mustard paste

Prepare the batter to seal with chickpea and rice flour. Check for salt and season with carom seeds. Batter should be thicker than cake batter.

batter to seal the gourds

batter to seal the gourds

Stuff the hollow gourd shells with the prepared filling and seal it with the chickpea batter.

stuff the gourds

stuff the gourds

seal with chickpea -rice batter

seal with chickpea -rice batter

Heat oil in a pan /wok and fry face down first. Fry well both sides till golden brown.

fry face down first

fry face down first

Serve hot with chutney or sauce of your choice. I served with a dash of spicy lemongrass sauce. πŸ™‚

stuffed teasel gourd - pur bhora kakrol

We Bongs usually serve this as part of appetizer along with the first course of lunch.

This makes a unique snack too with a mug of coffee. πŸ™‚

stuffed teasel gourd -pur bhora kakrol

Happy cooking !! πŸ™‚

Cheers !!!:D





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6 Responses to Stuffed Teasel Gourd – Pur Bhora Kakrol

  1. Malar says:

    Totally new and looks so yummy πŸ™‚

  2. petra08 says:

    Wow! I have never even seen these! They look delicious and I love the sound of the stuffing! πŸ™‚

  3. wow marvelous Andy,… never knew teasel gours makes can make such yummy looking appetizer…

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