Sentient food platter- sattvic food for navratras

Navratras or Durga Puja or Dussera, and many more names to the 10 day Hindu festival during Autumn. Celebrated throughout the world by innumerable traditions, customs and rituals.

Food is important part of all the rituals. With 29 states, 7 union territories, 780 languages and more than 2000 dialects, India packs quite a punch !!! 😉 There are 15 languages endorsed on every currency notes in India. Constutionally, we majorly speak in 22 languages !! We are a secular country with a majority of Hindus. So many states/regions, languages, religious practices and a history of almost 5000 years, more or less, food, culture, traditions, rituals have evolved !!

Bengalis during Durga Puja consume a lot of non -vegetarian food, on the other hand, majority North Indians consume vegetarian food.

Even the type of food consumed changes from region to region as per their climate and the crop produced.

That is why it is said for India ‘Unity in Harmony’ 🙂

Presenting here today a Sentient food/diet platter or what we call ‘Sattvic bhojan’.

sentient food - sattvic food

sentient food - sattvic food

The platter consists Water chestnut flour -bottle gourd thalipeeth, Buckwheat flour dumplings in yogurt gravy and Mango phirni

sentient food - sattvic food

The food is made in minimal oil, very few spices and without any onion and garlic.

This kind of food is cooked in majority North Indian household for 8- 9 days out of 10 days of the festival.

Individual post shall follow of all food items from this platter.

Happy Navratras !!!

source : Google

source : Google

Taking this over to Angie’s for Fiesta Friday #35 with the co -hosts Prudy  and Naina .

Happy cooking !!! 😀

Cheers !!! 😉


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hi there.....friends call me Andy :) I am a school teacher by profession. Passionate about reading, some random experimental cooking, some hit 'n' miss photography......and i am a dreamer ;) Thank you for popping by :)
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12 Responses to Sentient food platter- sattvic food for navratras

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  5. Happy Fiesta Friday, Andy! And Happy Navratras! This is very new to me, and I find it so interesting. So many things you taught me today… the photos of the platter look so wonderful…filled with delicious food! Thank you so much for sharing! I enjoyed your post! ❤

  6. petra08 says:

    I have never cooked with water chestnut flour, what is it like? A very intriguing dish 🙂

    • andy says:

      It is a little tricky to handle 😉 Start simple by making crepes or pancakes. Use non stick pan. Will be easier to handle. Go, Go , Give it a try 😀 It is gluten free and healthy.

  7. Happy Navratri Andy! Hope you are dancing the nights away! Thank you for sharing this awesome Sattvic platter at FF 🙂

  8. Nice Blog, thanks for sharing this kind of information.

  9. Nice Blog, thanks for sharing this kind of information.

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