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Gajar -matar / Carrot -peas stir fry

Gajar – matar or carrot and peas are much loved vegetable in Indian households during the winters. I usually cook it sauteed to maintain the crunch of the vegetables. (It goes well with a few pegs) 😛 Presenting here Gajar … Continue reading

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Moongre/ Radish pod stir fry

Moongre or Radish pods are a local Indian delicacy. Hence the recipes are mostly traditional. There are two camps regarding the taste and acceptance of this vegetable, like cabbage 😉 I cannot guarantee about whether one will like this vegetable … Continue reading

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Lehsuni arhar ki dal – Garlic flavored pigeon peas

India is a land of lentils. Major source of protein in our mainly vegetarian diet. The country produces world’s maximum lentils, but then it is also the maximum consumer 😉 Lentils or as we call it ‘dal’ , is important … Continue reading

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Winter platter 3 – Lehsuni Arhar ki dal, Moongre/ radish pod stir fry, Gajar -matar / Carrot -peas stir fry, Layered methi parantha/fenugreek flat bread

Continuing with my Winter Platter series, here comes the third installment. 😉 Green garlic is available in plenty during the winter. Green garlic are the young garlic before they mature. The vegetable looks like scallions with green stalks and pale … Continue reading

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