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Chaunk wali Urad chilka – Split Black gram lentils

A country with majority vegetarian population, lentils are a major source of protein. Tropical climate, good soil, innumerable perennial rivers and monsoons, given the people an endless variety of choice of crops. The country also boasts of a variety of … Continue reading


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Potatoes with curry leaves powder

If one is looking for some instant moody inspiration for making something out of the boiled potatoes resting in one corner of the refrigerator, here is a quick and simple recipe 😉 Psssst !! I rarely inspire 😛 There is … Continue reading

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Besan and Saunf wali kurkuri bhindi – Stir fried Okra with chickpea flour and fennel powder

All parts of fennel plant are edible. Unlike our Mediterranean counterparts, who use fennel stalks, leaves and roots in their cuisine, we Indians have largely stuck to the seeds. One cup of chopped raw fennel has 27 calories. Indian cuisine … Continue reading

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That Moody Thali !!

I have been blamed for my moods !! After being called weirdo, mismatch, odd creature to extent of being compared to the imaginary Martians……..moody is a mild verb, or is it an adjective ? 😉 Hello !! Excuse me ?? … Continue reading

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