Weekly Photo Challenge – Muse

You should treat a muse like a fairy

– Paulo Coelho

I troubled myself to look up the exact meaning of Muse in the dictionary. Sounds silly ? Yes, of course it was an silly act. But I tooth -combed my grey cells for a muse. No answer. For someone ruled by Moods, muse is ever changing πŸ˜‰

A couple of months back, I sat near my room window watching the heavy downpour of rain and strong breeze. Ahhh, I love to do that πŸ˜› There was this very tiny area, smaller than the palm of a newborn, on the sill where the concrete has worn away. It quickly filled with rain water….and the muse demon rose inside and kicked my grey cells πŸ˜€

Just a few random shots of a swinging tree branch reflected in that tiny puddle.

These were the results πŸ˜‰ –

With my ever changing Muse, I click anything and everything πŸ˜€ Here’s another sample πŸ˜‰


Weekly Photo Challenge – MuseΒ 

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About andy

hi there.....friends call me Andy :) I am a school teacher by profession. Passionate about reading, some random experimental cooking, some hit 'n' miss photography......and i am a dreamer ;) Thank you for popping by :)
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19 Responses to Weekly Photo Challenge – Muse

  1. Paula says:

    I had a feeling your muse would be in a kitchen πŸ˜‰ I like the direction your photography is heading…..

  2. Paula says:

    P.S. I love the garlic photo!

  3. asnappshot says:

    Your post is wonderful especially after you read how you decided to post what you posted….so honest and simple…….Love it!!!

  4. desleyjane says:

    The reflections are lovely. The garlic is a gorgeous shot. I understand about your mum finding it weird. I run into the same problem!

  5. estelea says:

    So beautiful! I too love the garlic, and your Mum’s comment really made me smile πŸ™‚ I love down to earth people!

  6. This is such a lovely post in its wholesomeness Andy!!
    I love the way you are becoming a photographer with her own “muse” and “musings” πŸ˜‰πŸ˜˜πŸ˜˜

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