Rui maacher korma – Fish Korma with Indian carp

One of the most commonly cooked fish in Bengali kitchens -Rui or Rohu, is a species of fish from the Carp family and are plenty in our rivers and lakes.

Recipes to cook this fish are innumerable. Since the family was celebrating a small occasion, I decided to give the fish curry a Nawabi touch 😉

And there it is, Rui maacher korma or Fish korma with Indian carp – thick and rich gravy of yogurt and cashew nut paste.

Here’s what I did …………


To marinate the fish steaks :

6-7 pieces- fish steaks

1/2 tsp – tumeric powder

1 tsp – salt

For the gravy :

1 nos – medium sized onion

1 tsp – ginger paste

1/2 tsp – garlic paste

1 cup – yogurt

7-8 nos – cashew nut, soaked in water

1 tsp – red chilli powder

1 tsp – tumeric powder

1 tsp – cumin powder

1/2 tsp – coriander powder

1/4 tsp – garam masala (optional)

2 nos – bay leaf

1″ stick – cinnamon

2 cups – water

pinch of cumin seeds

Oil – to fry the fish steaks + 1 tbsp for gravy

Salt to taste


Wash the fish steaks thoroughly. Place them on a plate and rub the salt and tumeric powder, as mentioned under marinate. Keep aside for 15 mins.

Meanwhile, chop and grind the onion to paste.

Beat the yogurt and mix in all the dry spice powder.

Separately, grind the soaked cashew nut to a fine paste. Keep aside.

Heat oil in a wok or a deep pan and fry the fish steaks to golden. Drain on an absorbent paper.

Heat 1 tbsp oil in a separate pan and temper with bay leaves, cinnamon stick and cumin seeds.

Tip in the onion paste and fry till translucent. ( do not brown)

Add the ginger and garlic paste and fry till fragrant.

Add the yogurt mixture. Cook till oil leaves the side of the pan.

Add the cashew nut paste and cook for a couple of mins.
Add the water. Season with salt.

As the gravy/ sauce comes to boil, gradually slide in the fish steaks.

Cook the gravy till it reaches a thick consistency.

Take it off fire.

Serve with hot steamed rice.
Happy cooking !! 😊

Cheers !! 😄


About andy

hi there.....friends call me Andy :) I am a school teacher by profession. Passionate about reading, some random experimental cooking, some hit 'n' miss photography......and i am a dreamer ;) Thank you for popping by :)
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2 Responses to Rui maacher korma – Fish Korma with Indian carp

  1. Sophie33 says:

    A wonderful fragrant dish & so colorful too, dear Andy! MMMM!

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