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Puti maacher chorchori – Swamp barb and vegetable stir-fry

Puti maach or Swamp Barb, a tiny- sized variety of fish, was never welcomed at our home. Reason, my father never liked it. Infact only a selected variety of fish were cooked at our home. Except a few new additions, … Continue reading

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A meal, for the Bengali, is a ritual in itself. We, Bengalis spend not only spend great deal of time thinking about food, but also in it’s preparation and eating. ❤ Ask a Bengali about Shukto, and one might be … Continue reading

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Kadhai Paneer

Kadhai Paneer is one of the most popular vegetarian dish. Paneer or Cottage cheese is an important source of milk protein in a vegetarian diet. North of India is well known for several finger-licking good cottage cheese preparation, from dry … Continue reading

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‘Kadhi -chawal’ for a large chunk of Indians, translates into ‘comfort food’. ❤ Every region of the country has a version of Kadhi, where the basic ingredients used are the same. Kadhi is a yogurt and gram flour (besan) based … Continue reading

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Egg Stumbler

Eggs and we are in love forever ❤ A spicy version of scrambled eggs with bite-sized bread pieces or bread crumbs. A popular street food from Mangalore and just another way of making bread and eggs. This recipe is inspired … Continue reading

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Rui maacher korma – Fish Korma with Indian carp

One of the most commonly cooked fish in Bengali kitchens -Rui or Rohu, is a species of fish from the Carp family and are plenty in our rivers and lakes. Recipes to cook this fish are innumerable. Since the family … Continue reading

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Narkel shorshe diye Sojne phool – Drumstick blossom with coconut and mustard

Winters in India, heralds a wide range of vegetables, fruits and flowers. Sojne phool or Drumstick blossoms are a delicacy cooked in various regions of the country. Each region has their list of traditional recipes. Like many edible flowers  from … Continue reading

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