My love of food reflects in my culinary experimentations. I am no expert , neither a novice 😉 but love to cling – clang around my tiny kitchen 😀

Coming from a foodie background and an super expert cook called ‘Maa’, i cannot be a poor reflection 😛 What joy i get when maa calls and asks for a recipe, i feel, i have arrived may be somewhere 😉

Watching her cooking delightful array of food over the years, has been my chief source of inspiration.

I do not claim to be original or exceptional, i do take help from books, internet and my surroundings……..and i adapt and modify where necessary…..in other words, i am evolving as cook 😉



1 Response to Home

  1. Golda says:

    It’s always nice when our parents ask for our advice on something we’ve always turned to them for help. It is definitely highest praise.

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