Picture 963

some click and  miss situations samples,  I am not even an amateur 😀

clicking , just like cooking is all upon my mood 😉 here’s just a sample

Natal plums






12 Responses to photography

  1. Hi Andy –
    I love the basket with – is it fruit?
    What sort of fruit?
    Beautiful, soft colours…
    Emma 🙂

  2. Bhargab Dhar says:

    Thanks Andy… never knew that our very own desi “karamcha” had such a sweet name… Natal Plum. In Kolkata I have seen that people remove the seeds, boil them in sugar syrup, add red colour and sell them as “cherries”. It is one of the main ingredients in homemade “fruit cakes”.

  3. Love the pictures! Very different nice approach! nice blog and nice to meet you! I am Lynn I am a mom of 9 and lived in Saudi Arabia for 16 years.

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