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Bhurran to Andy, with love !

Hi Andy ! I always wanted to write. Due to lack of paper and pen, I am using your good looking neighbor’s laptop to mail you. Cool idea, na ? 😉 You will be glad to know, I and Blackie … Continue reading

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Literate Dog

I live a dog’s life………..no don’t read too much into that sentence 😛 Bhurran, a street dog, has been kind enough to adopt us. She is 1 year old and spends maximum time languishing in our staircase. She gives me … Continue reading

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Musings……..Bhurran and us

I cannot decide whether this should ‘us’ story or ‘bhurran’s’. Let me begin with the word ‘Bhurran’ ……a word much associated with my birthplace Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh. It simply denotes anything ‘bhura’ – shades of brown, from light to dark. … Continue reading

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