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Keema Parantha / Minced goat meat Stuffed Flatbread and Burhani raita

Keema parantha, a close cousin of Mughlai Keema parantha, is a legacy of the Mughal rule in India. I cannot recall when I had this parantha for the first time, I do remember Maa doling out lip- smacking, hot paranthas for … Continue reading

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Chickpea flour fritters in Yogurt curry – Boondi ki Kadhi

This is a cheater’s way to make Kadhi/ Chickpea flour fritters in yogurt curry 😉 Am quite shameless to admit that 😛 This is also the easiest form of Kadhi. Kadhi is made in innumerable way all around the country. … Continue reading

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Winter Platter 2 – Peas pilaf, Boondi raita, Fried egg with Ivy gourd pickle

Continuing with my Winter Platter series, here comes the second installment 😉 Fresh peas are plentiful in the market, so is my recipe book 😛 Peas pilaf is a commonly cooked dish in North Indian households. Served steaming hot with … Continue reading

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