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Potatoes with curry leaves powder

If one is looking for some instant moody inspiration for making something out of the boiled potatoes resting in one corner of the refrigerator, here is a quick and simple recipe 😉 Psssst !! I rarely inspire 😛 There is … Continue reading

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Buckwheat flour dumplings in yogurt gravy

Buckwheat or Kuttu in India, is a short season crop. A crop widely used as a cover crop and has no relation with wheat. The flowers of the buckwheat plant are highly fragrant and are used for bee -keeping for … Continue reading

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Beetroot dumplings in spinach gravy

Beetroot is one of the most underestimated root vegetable. Besides being healthy, it is also the source of  natural dye. This was a part of my Independence day platter. This is just another interesting way to eat beetroot. The choice … Continue reading

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