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Methi malai Fried Rice – Fenugreek and Cream fried rice

Methi or Fenugreek are abundant during winters. It has versatile uses. It can be used in making paranthas , pooris, (both are types of Indian bread), pakoras (fritters), simple stir-fry etc etc. My taste buds for methi/ fenugreek developed over … Continue reading

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Fenugreek Salad

Fenugreek, an excellent remedy for lowering cholesterol and blood sugar, treating skin inflammations and good for lactating mothers. Moderation is the keyword to good living. Fenugreek does have a few side effects, if consumed or used irrationally. Fenugreek seeds and … Continue reading


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Methi- matar- aloo sabzi

Methi = fenugreek Matar = peas Aloo = potatoes Sabzi = cooked vegetables Winter brings abundance of vegetables in our Tropical country. Cooking and eating becomes a favorite exercise during this season. Fenugreek comes with several health benefits and not … Continue reading

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