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Handi chicken with Koli masala

Chicken was never an often cooked food in our household. My father never ever touched or tasted chicken. Cooking chicken at home was a big hassle for mom, because Bapi (father) will not eat anything touched by it. So mom … Continue reading

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Kalo morich aloor dum – Potatoes cooked in black pepper paste

‘Aloor dum‘ or commonly called ‘Dum aloo‘ has innumerable regional variations. There are not only several variations but also a variety of way to serve it. Commonly, it is served with any kind of ‘poori’ which is a unleavened deep … Continue reading


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Dal puri

A traditional Bengali breakfast, usually served with ‘aloor dum‘ (coming soon !! ) 😉 People usually call ‘Dal puri’ as ‘Radhaballavi‘, but they aren’t the same. There is a difference of a vital ingredient, lentils. I have come across several … Continue reading

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