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Platter of Love – Fritters, Aloo seddho, Mushur Dal, Katla petir Kalia, Chicken Rezala and Gulab jamun

Well !! Don’t go by the title 😉 It is a choice of recipes cooked for welcoming hubby 😛 Our marriage oscillates between two cities, or rather two states of the country – Delhi and Chattisgarh. Not by choice, but … Continue reading

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Katla petir Kalia – Deep-fried Catla fish in spicy tomato gravy

Macher Kalia, is the second most favorite fish after Illish /Hilsa recipes. A Bengali can not only cook and eat fish, but can also dream, talk, walk and feel a fish 😉 😀 It is sacrilege if Macher Kalia is … Continue reading

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