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Baghare Baingan

The city of Hyderabad in the south of India, is known for it’s fine cuisine. Cuisine is not the only attraction in this bi-religious city of Nawabs’. This city has tremendous significance, historically. Today it has evolved as an IT … Continue reading

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Sheer Korma

Hyderabad is a name synonymous for it’s cuisine, culture, language and traditions. The cuisine is a legacy left from the royal kitchens of the Nawabs. The Mughal empire permanently changed the cuisine landscape of India. Being a secular nation, we … Continue reading


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Nargisi Kofta

Kofta is a gift to the Indian cuisine by our Mughal Emperors. Simply translated, it means , meat balls. A commonly prepared dish with innumerable variations in countries of India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Turkey, Iran, Arabs, Balkans, Central Asia and many … Continue reading

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