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Aamer Chutney – Raw mango chutney

Mangoes are in season, so I like to forewarn my readers that expect a bagful of mango post this season 😉 Chutney, a word world recognizes just like kebabs ! Chutneys, truly has no category because the variety of condiments … Continue reading

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Tok Dal – Tangy red lentils

Changing seasons are always so difficult for me. Delhi is scorching these days with tons of sands in the air Between job and ill health, I never found the time to update recipes. 😦 Tok Dal, is a must recipe … Continue reading

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Posto Bora – Poppy seeds fritters

The Bong love -affair with ‘posto’ continues with these delicious fritters. 😉 They can be served as snacks too. Poppy seeds have manifold health benefits. Bora her is more like tikkis. Goes well with steaming hot rice and ‘patla mushurir … Continue reading


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Aloo -dhNarosh posto / Potato -okra with poppy seeds

Ask a Bengali about ‘posto’ , and we turn into Shakespeare 😉 We love our ‘posto’ ❤ Posto = Poppy seeds, is an important ingredient along with tumeric and mustard oil in every Bong (Bengali) kitchen. Uses are multiple and … Continue reading

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Dahi -papad ki sabzi / Yogurt -poppadum curry

Poppadums or Papads are an essential part of Indian cuisine. Papads are usually made out of dough of lentil paste and flavored with a variety of spices.   India is a monsoonal country. Long dry summer spells, plays havoc with … Continue reading

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Kakdi ki sabzi / Snake cucumber curry

I have found, majority people cannot differentiate between ‘kakdi’ and ‘kheera’. 😛 I am not surprised, though. Kakdis are called Snake cucumber or Snake melon in English. It appears in the market for a very, very short period unlike, kheera. Kheera … Continue reading

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Vegetarian Fusion Platter for Noboborsho

Today is Poila Boishakh, the Bengali new year !! Wishing all my readers a foodilicious and a great year ahead !! Every year a  I cook up a storm of non -vegetarian delicacies along with some traditional sweets, this year … Continue reading

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