Musings……..Bhurran and us

I cannot decide whether this should ‘us’ story or ‘bhurran’s’. Let me begin with the word ‘Bhurran’ ……a word much associated with my birthplace Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh. It simply denotes anything ‘bhura’ – shades of brown, from light to dark.

Bhurran is a stray dog who has kindly and generously adopted me and Pakhi πŸ™‚


Interesting part was the adoption πŸ˜‰ we were unaware that we were getting seduced by this beauty πŸ˜€

It started out with lying on our doormat during the hot afternoons. Then gradually, thumping tail at our mealtimes, then growling at strangers coming up the stairs………

Pakhi became the first responder by sneaking out tit bits. πŸ™‚ We were escorted to the gate every morning while going to school.

Slowly every afternoon we found her waiting to welcome us home with lot of tail thumping, wagging and licking our hands ❀ that did us in…….hook, line and sinker πŸ˜€ We fell in love ❀ and were cordially adopted by Bhurran.

Why did she adopt us ?? I felt , I should look for an answer. We had noticed a few injury marks, though small, but they were there. My cleaning help had the answer, bingo !!! Bhurran was born in a garage in our neighborhood. She and her sister, out of a litter of six, survived. One of the young lad in our neighborhood had thrashed the two puppies so cruelly, that the other sister had a fractured leg for 2 months. Bhurran took to hiding in quiet, undisturbed places out of fear. Our house and staircase is her heaven, because it is quiet, clean and shady.

This is first thing Pakhi does, even before the front door is unlocked

This is first thing Pakhi does, even before the front door is unlocked


Thus began our journey with Bhurran and a beautiful relationship. ❀

Does compassion costs the earth?? Many people are cruel with animals. They forget that the earth is not a place only for them. I even question the upbringing…….does it costs a kingdom to teach our kids some basic human qualities of love, compassion, tolerance, live and let live…..

Bhurran is now a happy soul. She doesn’t need language to express her love to us……..her eyes, wagging tail……..tells it all. ❀ ❀

Last , but not the least, she enjoys my cooking πŸ˜€


Cheers !!! πŸ™‚



About andy

hi there.....friends call me Andy :) I am a school teacher by profession. Passionate about reading, some random experimental cooking, some hit 'n' miss photography......and i am a dreamer ;) Thank you for popping by :)
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9 Responses to Musings……..Bhurran and us

  1. Bhurran nice name and ya I agree with you many are cruel and rude towards animals. Esp street dogs are treated very bad..but so king of you Andy. .great. …

  2. VasuLakshmi says:

    What a wonderful & touching post….love Bhurran’s expressive eyes and magnetic smile and love you for such a thoughtful gesture πŸ™‚

  3. I love it! She adopted you because you seemed kind and safe. You’re right, cruelty to animals is so unnecessary!

  4. Indira says:

    I’m also from Jabalpur. Bhurran looks like my dog Kutkut. Compassion to every creature must be taught in childhood.

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